tinykittykat (tinykittykat) wrote in proanorexia,

hi im kate- nice to meet you

Hi My name is Katie and I joined the group today. I am always nervous to introduce myself but here we go.

Im a 27 year old Australian girl living in Ireland. Im by no means anorexic- I have a bmi of 25 so Im more close to the overweight side of things... but I am no strabnger to live journal or ED related behaviour. Ive been bulimic (and went to treatment), Ive been a huge laxative abuser, a restricter and an over eater... Ive been fat and I've been slim...

Im not currently binging or purging (well not on a regular basis), and I am trying hard to stray from laxative abuse (but Im struggling). I try to restrict in a bid to avoid the trigger to purge and take lax. But some days are harder than others. I get 'better' but cabn be easily triggered by something as simple as losing a couple of lbs whn I am sick...

I found happiness in the form of an irish man last year while on a one year holiday in Ireland,and since making the move here to live with him, alot of the feelings I have toward myself and food have calmed down....but I have been struggling with these issues since I was 13 and I am now 27 so you can appreciate these feelings are hard to let go of.

Im around for anyone that wants to chat so drop me a line.
Take Care
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